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Day 1 – Long Journey and Las Vegas

So the flight was delayed by 3 hours, and then the in-flight entertainment didn’t work properly. Thanks BA.

Still, I got to watch 10 Cloverfield Lane, which was good, and The Jungle Book (well most of it), which was also good.

We got to Las Vegas at 10.30pm (local time), waited until 11pm for security, and then had to pick up the hire car.  We picked a black Dodge Charger! Not convinced it’s the wisest choice, but never mind.

I then proceed to drive half the way to the New York New York with the lights off!  We had to pull over so I could work out how to turn the bloody things on. We finally arrived at the hotel and checked in by about 1am.

Last thing to do is have a milkshake because…America.